Engine mounted on Designer’s Choice

As had written in reply to comment, the mounting of the engine was done empirically. I purchased an adjustable engine mount and scribed bolt hole locations roughly over the area of the existing factory bracket mounting holes. The factory bracket mounting holes I had actually created an engine mount for of my own design (out of oak) dating back to approximately 2003. The holes were in a 3-over-3 pattern with the nuts set into the fibre glass of the transom. Had originally used these until my original engine mount rotted away after many years. Instead of making a new one, I had opted for an adjustable aluminum mount (pictured).

Tanaka 3 HP outboard kicker

This allowed raising and lowering of the motor…not because the shaft was too short — a standard small outboard would work fine. The main thing was to get the engine out of the water during sailing to reduce drag.

Living on the Chesapeake Bay, there are shallows and gunk holes all over the place here. It was a great location for sailing a small boat such as this one.

Now, my preference is rowing — something I took up over 36 years ago while in school. Less paraphernalia and gets me out on the water for just enough time that it does not take away from the family.

21 ft Oxford shell – in the water awaiting the rower.

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John R. Zaleski, PhD, CAP, CPHIMS, is Chief Analytics Officer of Bernoulli, a leader in real-time connected healthcare. Dr. Zaleski brings 21 years of experience in researching and ushering to market devices and products to improve healthcare. He received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, with a dissertation that describes a novel approach for modeling and prediction of post-operative respiratory behavior in post-surgical cardiac patients. Dr. Zaleski has a particular expertise in designing, developing, and implementing clinical and non-clinical point-of-care applications for hospital enterprises. Dr. Zaleski is the named inventor or co-inventor on seven issued patents related to medical device interoperability. He is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles on clinical use of medical device data, information technology and medical devices and wrote three seminal books on integrating medical device data into electronic health records and the use of medical device data for clinical decision making, including the #1 best seller of HIMSS 2015 on connected medical devices.

2 thoughts on “Engine mounted on Designer’s Choice”

  1. John ,
    We recently bought a Designers Choice 15 in R.I. ,in very good shape . It only needs another mast spreader and bracket , one is with the boat , a foil design . Would you know any suppliers of Howmar parts , I may have to go thru Rigrite in R.I. .

    1. I do not know of a current supplier of parts for the D.C. Years ago, Lake Nockamixon (nockamixonsailclub.org) used to have these boats around. They might be able to supply parts or point you in a direction.

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